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3S instructions in English?
From my limited understanding of French, it seems that people have been successful in hacking the 3S. However, even with Google Translate, I can't seem to piece together the instructions and make it work. Can anyone help? I'm able to get the UnitEID, next step is download the correct firmware but I don't know where to find it. I'm running version 41.31121.

We currently have I3s_US_v42.31121_original.bin which seems weird if you have 41 but the rest is the same. Can you verify your version and possibly update via the lodge. Anyway, we have this firmware, it just has not been patched yet.
That's awesome; I've been updated to v.42.31121. What do I do next? Smile
(01-09-2014, 03:27 PM)applejacks Wrote: That's awesome; I've been updated to v.42.31121. What do I do next? Smile

Just wait until we can get it patched. It will be posted in a pinned Firmware thread once its done.
Are the UK and US versions basically equivalent? Looks like my daughters have been updated over Christmas (UK 3S) to 42.31128 (note the last digit is an "8" and not a "1" as in the above examples...)

If you also want a copy, I'll see about extracting tomorrow or at the weekend (too late to start messing around now). However, if the UK and US firmwares are essentially the same, I think I can live with a minor version difference of 7... Wink

Or... you could tell me which two lines need modifying and I'll unpack it myself, modify, repack and test. I'll pass you the patched version once it's working if you want. PM if you want and I'll see what I can do over the weekend when the girls are asleep.
It will most likely need to be dumped as well. Grab the Innotab_Backup from http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1.html and you will need to follow the information about getting your UnitEID which you can read about here http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-2.html

You will need this information to patch the USA unit anyway
Had already got as far as capturing the UnitEID last night. Will see about grabbing a copy of this UK firmware today and fire up a new thread with the results.
When I was doing these, the UK firmware came out the exact same size and firmware build date as the USA. I assume they are the same and can be flashed on either, but just to be safe, I did them separate since I had both original firmwares.
SUCCESS! Had to add execute to the database file but got it all working and backed up cartridges are playing fine!

I still can't figure out how to attach icons to the backed up cartridges though; could you point me to a thread that explains that?

ps. I can't thank you enough for the selfless time you put into this site; this has made an enormous difference to my daughter and I'm sure there countless other people out there like me who wouldn't even have purchased an Innotab if these options weren't available
@ applejacks. I did a lot of reading on this as I chomped my finger on a table saw (so have a little time to kill while off sick). However all this is available, just takes time to piece together. The contributors to this need to be congratulated...so many thanks to them.
I think if it the same ISO Mick, I have come across his work in the past?

All this is covered in the excellent tut on here...

You will need the Icon converter on here. A picture of your choice off the net. Drop the picture into the icon converter and you have the correct ICO file.

You will also need a database editor. I ended up using 2 as the processes seemed easier across the two.
I used "sqlitebrowser_200_b1_win", for the basic database setup, and added the ICO file using "SQLite Expert Personal 3" using blob editor section, just adding the file, after double clicking the blob editor requiring the icon.

Hope this helps, If not come back to me, and I will try to explain in more depth.


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