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AppsSpiffy Video Converter - Convert videos for the Innotab
Java InnoTab Customizer
InnoTab Customizer
InnoTab Thumbnail Editor
Icon Convert
Auto DB

GamesThese games are either homebrew or simple flash games, we will not post any piracy games.

Angry Birds
Barrel Jumper
Bubble Wrap
Gold Miner
Hunt Duck

To add these games to your InnoTab, follow the tutorial HERE

You may get other flash ebooks, but will need to create the _Run file yourself to make them work.
Search one of the following in google

site:http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/sites/kids/files/ short

.zip   dump_mount.zip (Size: 3.17 MB / Downloads: 3,211) - This will dump your mount information to SD/mounts.txt for development testing

.zip   InnoTab_Backup.zip (Size: 2.92 MB / Downloads: 11,495) - This will dump your firmware to the SD card. If you have a 2s or 3s, you will need to edit the database file to include your UnitEID before it will show up. (Read the FAQ if you have questions before posting). These files MUST be on the SD card and not on the internal memory of the device!

Get Innotab UnitEID - Running this app will give you a list of possible UnitEID's for your device.

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