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Unknown app downloading - how to stop it
I am tidying up my grandson's LeapPad, and when I turned on wi-fi, an unknown app called BogotaUI started to download.  I turned off wif-fi, but how can I get rid of the app, and stop it from completing its download?  Many thanks.
I am not familiar enough with the Platinum. I don't think you will be able to completely stop it because any time you connect via WIFI, it will auto connect to their services and do stuff.

You would have to connect a cable to the device and poke around inside to find where they store the temporary download items and remove it there and possibly find a way to stop it from contacting their services while the WIFI is on. Someone posted on here about modifying the hosts file or there was another file that could be modified that might do the trick. It is possible to delete apps via the LeapPad manager program, but I am unsure if that functionality is enabled for the public release so people don't brick the devices. I also don't believe it will pick it up if the app is only partially downloaded and not installed.

I have never bothered with this since I do not take the tablets online. My Ultra tablets just have the WiFi always disabled.
Thanks. I let the app finish the download, with the notion that I would then delete it. But it is nowhere to be seen, so must be hiding somewhere. I'll just turn wifi off. Thanks again.
Strange. I am unfamiliar with that name, it could have been a maintenance thing or something like that. Some apps don't show up, but are there in the background for other apps to use such as the video player. It is its own package, but does not show up as an actual app, just the video apps use it.

Yea, if you don't get use out of the WIFI, just keep it disabled. You can then install custom videos etc on the device and not worry about them wiping them.

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