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cant back up game pack
Can anyone help with my problem, i can save all my game downloads apart from a game pack one. It just keeps saying no game found. But then if you connect the innotab  upto pc and look in the game folder i can find a .ita file. Is there any other way i can back this game pack up, it cost me nearly £20. Thanks
Anyone? This is quite a big file as it is a pack of 8 games. Would this have anything to do with me not being able to find it with spiffy hack 2.1 and im trying to do it on a 3s. Thanks
The games might be in a different location then the script is looking. I have not tested it on a 3s so there is a good chance they are in a different location. You may need to connect the tablet up to a PC from a USB->Serial adapter so you can shell into the device and look around at paths then modify the script to reflect that.
Iv had other downloaded games before that it couldnt find. Its weird though that some it finds and others it doesnt. How would i modify the script? Thanks
You would just have to open the .sh file and look at the paths where it searches for games and change or add another path to search on. You would need to browse around from the device to see where they are being stored first. Or you can simply run them through the same way the script does it, but do it manually. You would need to copy the .ita games to the SD card and then create a script or modify the other one to load and decrypt a specific game.
Would i have to do all this with linux? As ive never attempted it before, but would like to learn. Is there a specific program i could use on windows? Or would i need to buy a linux pc/laptop? Thanks
You can edit the script in windows, but have to make sure to use a good editing program. Notepad will break the script. Browse the script and see where it does the code and just modify it for your needs.
What program am i best to use? A free one would good if there is one. Thanks
I personally use pspad. Others use notepadd++
Hi, (sorry for my english)

But if i understand your problem, you could convert .ita to .apk and reinstall them

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