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Storio 2 v74.30321 German
Please download my File it´s only 7 Days online Smile
OK, what doe we have to do to get a MOD GERMAN v74.30321 ?

My wife just updated our Storio 2 to this version an no old mod-version will re-install.
All Date and games are gone.

And that before Christmas...

It would be really nice, if someone whould be able to provide this version.
Please, have a heart guys!

Thanks in advance.
You have to post a backup of your firmware so it can be patched when we get a chance. Being this close to Christmas, don't count on anyone having much free time though.
Hi there, is there a chance to get a CFW out of the German FW 74.30321? Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance. Regards.

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