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Firmware loop problem
Hey guys so I got 2 max tabs both doing the same thing??

Both sitting on firmware 23.5W45N
Both tabs say there is a firmware update an wont connect to the learning lodge so we update the firmware using OTA which downloads a file:


Which it places in a folder on the SD card called "InnoTabMaxOTA"

Now when we run the firmware update it completes an says it was successful but when you get back into the tab it says there is a firmware update an both tabs are still sitting on 23.5W45N

I have tried contacting innotab an I get no replies an the one guide they have to a manual update the download link is down.

Any ideas wtf I'm doing wrong here???
Here is the firmware it downloads:

Video of it looping with no update to current version:
Has it got a SD card in it with possibly a copy of a previous firmware on it?
That would cause the problem like you have.

Hi, guys.

Unfortunately all found links to the firmware are broken. Could anybody share firmware for the InnoTab Max, please?


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