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Donation Benefits
I can't come up with any good benefits for donations and am open to suggestions.

$5 benefit
$10 benefit
$15 benefit

These sites are free to use, but in order to keep them running, they have ads on them so if you enjoy our services and websites but can't afford a donation, please do not use ad blockers as that will block funds to support these sites. I try not to over-do the ads and plaster them everywhere since that just makes websites suck. Turning off ad-blockers on this site is a good way to help support them without donating anything Smile
$5 - Able to edit your posts after 60 minutes
$10 - Early access to Deaks' beta tools
$15 - 'Phreak Paks' - Ready-to-extract-to-root-Packs of games/utilities ready to unzip to your tablet of choice (Science, Math, Letters, Fun, Videos etc...) NOT pirated, open source/gnu/public videos.


$5 - A Thank
$10 - Lots of Thanks
$15 - Your name in a blinky lights banner for 1 day Tongue
ha ha ha, well I am not sure that I have many ready-to-extract apps that are open source etc. I also don't make many tools now days for the Innotab so that may also not be that great. Able to edit posts is a good one though. I disabled editing posts mostly for google indexing. I don't want google to be indexing pages and then have the user edit them up and all that indexed data is then gone. I can see it being a benefit for some though. I will have to find a way to code it into a plugin for my donate system.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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