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[App] - InnoTab Thumbnail Editor
Change the Video thumbnails on your InnoTab, InnoTab 2 and InnoTab 2S (internal memory is ignored on InnoTab 2 and 2S)

Created by nivz78

.zip   InnoTab Thumbnail Editor.zip (Size: 868.92 KB / Downloads: 1,829)

this is a great App and works fine. I wonder if it would be possible to adjust/ extend this App to make us able to add thumbnails to talking books (MP3) in the Audio folder as well.

That would be a nice add on!

Thank you for making your mind about that.

Best Regards

I have 4 questions:

1. I wonder why the editor does not find all movies I put on the storio (all in the same directory!? I found that it does not not matter if the storio can play the movie or not. The editor "randomly" shows the files (or not).

2. I still wonder if there is a way to add thumbnails to MP3/ talking books!? I tried to add thumbnails via SQL editor like for games but I had no success.

3. Is it possible to keep the thumbnails for the movies when the files are copied from Storio to HDD/ other Storio? If yes, how?

4. I read that it is possible to put the SD card into a reader and that the Editor will recognize it as well. Is this true? I tried it but it didn't work. Would it be possible to "select" the LLN folder in the editor? I'm very afraid of that the VTech download manager updates the Storio again unwantedly as it starts when I plug in the Storio. We need the VTech Manager as we have a Mobigo, too.

Thank you and best Regards

You could try the Java customiser that I posted in; http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-132.html

It should show you all movies on the device.
It allows you to create and copy thumbnails to MP3 files.
It allows you to copy media from the device back to HD and exports the metadata/thumbnail images into PNG files.
It allows you to select the location of your device, meaning that you can connect directly or just plug the sd card in on it's own.

I've only been able to do limited testing so far (MacBook + Innotab 3S) so it would be great to get feedback if everything works, or if anything does not work for other people so that I can put fixes in.

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