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Installing Gamed

I can't seem to get games to load. I've manually added the games to the database, I think I've got it all right.

But obviously not.

So I edit the innotab_wf.db

I then edit the games _info table.

The field I may have wrong is the filename field, do I just point that to the folder where theme resides or at a particular file in the folder.

I also add the UnitEID and the thumbnail.

It shows up on the device but won't run.

Any ideas?

Sounds like the path is wrong. Use the bundled angry birds as an example of how to do it.
Thanks. That's what I thought I did. I will double check. Do I just enter the folder path like the angry birds example, or should I point to one of the many files in the folder?
It has been quite a while since ive done anything with the Innotab so I'm not sure exactly. I know some you have to put the path to the folder and some you have to put the path to the file such as the .bin file or whatever.
I think it was me being a muppet. Got one working now so it's user error. Thanks for all your help.

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