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Back up Cartridge Tutorial?
Is there any English Tutorials on how to back up a game cartridge so that i can play without using the cartridge?
I have not had a chance to update it to post on these forums yet, been too busy. You can check these threads out

I did successfully back up a cartridge with the tutorial. I can at least confirm that to be working. Smile
I have tried versions 1.3, 1.7, 2.0 and 2.1 of SpiffyHack and a big no-go

I am running Deak's latest 3S release, able to run AutoDB AOK Smile

All versions ask me if I have a cartridge entered, or if it's a dummy...

'Ready, Play & Create' for Innotab 3S
Vtech 52-239500(US)
# on back 1268

Aaaaaaand after opening it, will someone explain why there are a handful of resistors, and no IC's... I'm guessing it IS the dummy cart, and I (the user) is the REAL dummy! Will need to buy one to find out Big Grin

*Can someone open a cart and take a photo or two of the IC's... I'm interested if you'd be so kind!
lol yes that is a dummy cart... the one that comes with the device is a dummy and already on your device. To add this to your collection, all you really need to do is add an entry in your database to point to the app on your device. I think this is the path I have set in mine "/vp_mnt/Bundle/DummyCart1". It would be nice if AutoDB would add these to your database automatically.

I don't have any InnoTab carts to take apart.
I use the path "/vp_mnt/Bundle/DummyCart1" (cart removed) in my 3S innotab and is not working. All the flash games and carts are working ok.
The path might be different on the 3s. You may need to either solder wires to the device and gain shell access to browse around or get my spiffyhack running and dump the system files. You can then poke around the Bundle data and see whats in there that you can point to.

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