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Bought a LeapTV today - can I rip the games off the carts to internal storage?
Hi guys, bought a LeapTV for my kid that's turning 4 tomorrow and I know he's going to be VERY excited about this thing. With that said I'm concerned about losing cartridges and I'd like to rip the images/roms/etc off the carts we just bought to the internal storage. Is there a simple way to do this with a shell command or the like?

I also see that they have digital downloads from their catalog, which we might do going forward, so I have to think there's a pretty straightforward way to store a game in there. Thanks!
Upon further reading in the forum I'm realizing it's what, a microSD card embedded in the cartridges? Is there any DRM on the carts themselves, or can I use my PC to rip the images onto my PC, and then FTP them over to the LeapTV?
Yes, it is possible to backup cartridges you own. No there is no DRM. Yes its pretty straight forward Smile

I think the only thing is that applications that are not supposed to be there can be removed by leapfrog, but someone posted that you can change one of the files in /etc to get round that problem.

so if my son damaged the cartridge for a game where can i download a backup of a game i own?
Doubt we'd provide dumps of LeapTV ROMs here though, but you can dump your son's games yourself with the right tools as an insurance.

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