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Mame (Arcade Emulator) running on the LeapTV!
(01-07-2016, 06:16 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Got it to load on the LeapPad 2, but no controls since it was compiled for the LeapTV.

More like the Leapster then the LeapPad because they are the same controls.
(01-06-2016, 04:15 PM)is0-mick Wrote: Cross compiled advance mame, and advance menu, did a few patches to make the controls work etc..

Seems to run quite well Smile

If anyone wants to try this, you can download a copy from here:

You will also need to install my patched SDL libs here:

You will need to activate FTP and Telnet. See Josh's tutorial here:

copy the libs to /lib folder and copy the THDS-0x00310035-000000 into /LF/Bulk/ProgramFiles.
(you may want to backup your original pointer training game first)

Alternatively install it to THDS-0x00310023-000000 which shows as the app store preview thing on my LFTV.

You will have to make sure that advmame's permissions are set to 755 (so it can execute). to do this, telnet into the box go to where advmame is, and type
chmod 755 advmame
or if you are using filezilla, right click on the advmame file, and select "File permissions" and type 755 in the box, press OK.

Feedback welcome Smile

hi, ive been searching for a few days, i dont really know what im doing regarding buidroot and what not, i got pondlewder installed but it doesnt really do anything since ive got no backups.
im trying to get a console together for my 5year old daughter, shes too young to really operate the pc.

anyway, the zippyshare links are dead, is there any possibility of reuploading or sending the files directly? if its not too much trouble? failing that then im probably going to get  a pi or something.


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