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PondLewder Pre-Alpha *RELEASE*
(04-03-2016, 03:45 PM)Joshtech Wrote: Good news, I've identified the issue at hand.  Bad news I won't get round to it till the weekend. (sleep during day, work at night, time with family in between somewhere ha).

Hi Joshtech.

Did you managed to find any time to look into the issue?

Let me know if there is anything I can do to support. 

Is this ever going to be released?
Josh has been MIA so don't count on it.
(11-01-2016, 02:23 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Josh has been MIA so don't count on it.

Hope he's alive....
Most likely just got busy / lost interest.
Yeah, he's still alive, saw a recent video posted on his youtube channel, so sent him a message...

Apparently I am still alive :p(Just). I am sorry I haven't been here for what feels like forever. I'm currently looking for the source for this and will upload it so that anyone who wishes to fix/make it better(which is muchly needed haha) can do so.

Alrighty so here is the source for PondLewder. I can't remember exactly where this was upto (and yes I know it's horrible haha).
The Makefile I was using it at the beginning, followed by main.c
(01-01-2016, 05:17 PM)Joshtech Wrote: Happy New Year Everyone!

I feel like this is at a point I can release and people test it.
PondLewder is a Homebrew/Backup Loader.

First follow the tutorial in the LeapTV section to get FTP access (Needs to be updated but should still work)
Copy both "LF" and "PondLewder" folders to the root directory of your LeapTV using your favourite FTP manager.
[Image: vtt7yDc.png]
Assuming you haven't run any homebrew on your console before you will need to copy
ALL the libs from "libs (IF YOU NEED THEM)" to "/usr/lib"
[Image: OEHmHvY.png][Image: F1b2ExW.png]

* This will overwrite the "Pointer Training Games" *

After you have "installed" PondLewder restart your system.
Once your system has restarted you should see the "PondLewder" icon on the menu.
Simply run it like you would any other game.

Once PondLewder has loaded and scanned the entire system you will be presented with a basic menu showing all applications installed on your LeapTV.

Currently hidden system apps are shown, in future released these will be hidden with the ability to show or hide them.

Find the homebrew or game you wish to load and press A on it.

PondLewder will exit back to the main menu and where your game cart is normally shown, the Homebrew/Game will be shown there.

Simply launch it like you normally would and enjoy!

Any issue you have, I would love to hear your feedback.


Ability to backup game carts(priority) 90% DONE
Show disk usage(priority) 85% DONE
Configuration loaded from file( not hard coded) (priority) 20%
Repos(download homebrew directly to console) 0%
Custom themes 40% DONE
Cross-Console Launcher 40% (Works with LeapPad Ultra etc)
Game Icons will show if Camera is needed or optional or not needed at all.  Will also show the amount of players that can play.

1.02 Changes

Started coding basic cart backing up.  For now press B on the menu.  It should say COPING... PLEASE WAIT! until finished. Then restart PondLewder
Backups are stored @ /LF/Bulk/PondLewderBackups/<productID>

Started coding disk volumes
Changed way menu is handled
Emulated Carts now unmount upon launching PondLewder
House keeping.

1.01 Inital Release

Backed up carts have a "giant" icon within PondLewder. This will be fixed in later versions and does not effect game at all.
Emulated Carts don't show on LeapTV menu if you (insert or have inserted) then remove  game cart.


How do I put this on a Leapster GS Explorer?
I got this installed with LeapPad manager. The FTP manager is only for libs.

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