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PondLewder Pre-Alpha *RELEASE*
Hi Guys!

Me again. So I have had a mixed bag over the last couple of days!

I have managed to backup a few games like Spiderman and Paw Patrol but i seem to be hitting a brick a wall when trying to back theLeapfrog produced games like Sports! and Dane and Learn...

The games seems the backup OK and Pond Lewder lets me select it, the icon shows on the main menu, but when i select it i get into a loop of the leap frog logo and then back to the home screen again, and i cant play the game?

Any ideas on this one?

Dane and Learn ?
+c Smile

Not sure on that one, I emailed Josh the other day, as he hasn't been around for a while, but haven't had a response as yet.
Feel free to pop into IRC for a chat anytime...If no answer hang about I'll reply when I'm on the PC.

It could be that the game requires additional libs. I know on the LeapPad, certain games had additional libs included in the cart. I had to create the correctly labelled folder in the Downloads folder so it could find them and then the game ran fine without the cart.
Missing library files would make a lot of sense. Does anyone have a full list of lib files I should be seeing. Or even better, does anyone have Sports! and/or Dance and Learn working from Pond Lewder that could dropbox me the lib files in a zip?

Thank again guys!
Hi Guys,

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

I'm still struggling with the Sports! game on Pond Lewder. Does anyone know what .lib files I need from the cart and how I can copy it/them over using Filezilla?

At the moment it just loads to a green screen and then just loops back to the main menu.

I would think all the libs etc are on the cart.
I've never really tried the sports game, or Pond Lewder.
Joshtech hasn't been around for a few weeks now....

As a test, why not copy all the files to pointer training game directory or such, and see if it runs OK from there? Then you would know if its a problem with the game or Pond Lewder.

On the LP2 then yes the libs were on the cart. I opened the meta.inf file in the lib folder and found the ID of what it was called. This helped me determine where it went on the device. The folder had to be named PatchLibs-000701 and placed in the Downloads folder. This may vary depending on the meta.inf for your game though.
*A wild joshtech appears from the shadows* (sings) Hello, is it me you're looking for... Aight all jokes aside... I have returned! And will address this issue immediately. I won't be as active as I once was but at least it won't be months at a time.
Good news, I've identified the issue at hand. Bad news I won't get round to it till the weekend. (sleep during day, work at night, time with family in between somewhere ha).
This is great Joshtech! Thanks so much for doing this. Working great for me thus far. Interested in where this is going and would love to contribute if I can.

Any decision on releasing the source code in the future?

(04-03-2016, 03:45 PM)Joshtech Wrote: Good news, I've identified the issue at hand.  Bad news I won't get round to it till the weekend. (sleep during day, work at night, time with family in between somewhere ha).

Any insight as to what the issues is? Perhaps someone can help work on it.

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