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Learning Lodge down, Need update.
So we bought a new Innotab Max for our 6yr olds birthday, Which was the 14th. Upon starting it up I connected it to our wifi, it then stated it had to connect to the LL to be updated. Of course this failed.
I sent a mssg to Vtech about how to either by-pass the update or something that would allow our son to play his cartridges and other stuff in the meantime.
Their response was that they could send us the update on an SD card.
So now we still wait.
My question is does anyone happen to have a copy of the update that I could use to start this thing with? I have an sd card to place it on.

Or if anyone has an idea how to get it to bypass the 'need' to update...

EDIT: Just retried the update, it seems to have worked. Although the learning lodge and related sites are still down.
They may have partially reopened some services. They are still claiming to open the platform before Christmas, so wait & see Wink
They now have a downloadable update for the Max. You have to extract the file, not the folder to the root of an SD Card and insert it to run the update, it includes six games for free. While it does make the Max usable it only lets you use it in guest mode. Still better than not at all. It also is supposed to enable using a limited number of cartridges, unfortunately none of the ones we own.
It seems that the lodge is back available, although storio max cannot connect, at least both units I have there.


Do you have connection again on your Max ?
i've been trying all day to register my max and it keeps failing

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