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Buildroot Cross-Compile Tutorial
   BuildRoot Cross-Compile Tutorial
       Current as of 20/12/2015
          Joshtech & is0-mick

Buildroot Version in tutorial = buildroot-2015.11.1

1) Download the latest tar ball from https://buildroot.uclibc.org/
2) Extract tarball to desired location. (This tutorial has used ~/Desktop)
3) Once extracted open up a terminal and go to the directory tarball was extracted to
4) Run the command "make menuconfig"
You should see something like this:
[Image: ee9ktYR.png]
The first thing we want to do is to configure "Target options"
5) Select "Target options" from the main menu
You will be presented with the following screen
[Image: dBuSL97.png]
6) Configure your Target Options as followed:

Target Architecture (ARM (little endian))
Target Binary Format (ELF)
Target Architecture Variant (cortext-A9)
Target ABI (EABI)
Floating point strategy (Soft float)
ARM instruction set (ARM)

7) Save then exit to previous menu
Now that we have our target options setup, we now need to setup our "Toolchain"
8) Select "Toolchain" from the main menu
9) Change the "C library" to "uClibc" and the change the "uClibc C library Version to (uClibc 0.0.33.x)
If you have any issues refer to the image below:
[Image: Ry2zsoE.png]
9) Now scroll down till you see "GCC compiler Version" if not already set this to "gcc 4.9.x"
10) Also check the box for "Enable C++ support"
It should looks something like this:
[Image: F6XADsL.png]
11) Save and Exit to the main menu
At this point you are pretty much set to go, but what if you want to create a gfx application for the leaptv? Well we can use SDL.
12) Select "Target Packages" -> "Graphics libraries and Applications"
13) Check all the options for SDL (SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, etc ,etc)
(Optional) You should also check any other packages you wish to install as well
It should look something like this:
[Image: fRGEhLF.png]
14) Save and Exit to main menu
15) Exit menu
Now you should be back to command line in the terminal
16) Run command "make clean"
17) Run command "make"
Done! Enjoy

TODO: Add paths
I had screenshots of this too and was going to post a tutorial HA HA oh well. Thanks for doing this.

This thread would be great to put code to compile such as doom etc so we can grab them and learn Wink
Sorry for the thread necromancy but is this what I need to do to get the Doom files I downloaded from Dead Phreak's other post + a Doom WAD to compile a TAR that will install on my LeapPad Ultra? I tried zipping it as a plain .TAR file with 7 Zip and it installs but crashes the tablet when I click the Doom icon and try and launch the game. Thanks.

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