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3S instructions in English?
Thanks; I did use the customizer software alright to create the video thumbnails but for some reason, the Icon Converter program won't run. I have a Mac running Windows XP and the program just won't open. I do have a couple icons that I tried to adding through SQLite as you described. But after attaching them, nothing showed up on the Innotab. Don't know if there's something different about the 3s icons or not but I haven't had any luck yet.
Hi OK. I have never used a Mac, so cannot comment perhaps if ISO Mick sees this me may have a Mac fix? if required. All I describe have been on the UK 3S version. There is other free software available for ICO creation that I have used for web content. The actual file sizes for games and books are covered here or the yahoo group.
Try to grab a windows machine, as all this seems to work well for me.
I have not tried customizer for video thumbnails yet, may give it a whirl later.

I have tried to attach a game ICO for you to try. It would not allow me I will try a PM. If it has worked Just plonk it into any of your games database entries using the blob editor. restart the 3S and see if that works.

Sorry, I will need to allow for .ico files to be attached to the forum then it should work. Mick does not use these forums, me and him work together patching firmware and helping others. I made these forums so we can have things documented for others to find.

I will go add the ability to add .ico files now
Hi no need to be sorry. Great work to say the least. perhaps allow zip or other compressed files for a timed period if possible to stop the board getting clogged.

Once again many thanks for all the info and hard work....

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