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Loading flash game - some questions
Is there a method to get these flash games to work (or just a method to this trial and error madness)

this is what I am doing

1. download a swf file (less than 1MB seems to work, as I can't get angry birds to work. its 2mb)
2. untar the GoldMiner tar file
3. replace the swf file and rename it loader.swf
4. then re-tar it
5. use manager to 'load' it back to the device.

my question is - why doesn't the angrybirds.swf from the inno forum work?
how can I load multiple games?
how to switch the game from landscape to portrait? would be good for tetris.

thanks in advance.
I don't think many people have played with loading custom flash games so I doubt you will get much feedback.
Have a read of the following link.

Leapster Explorer: Play Your Own Flash Games

The Flash Lite for the Digital Home, as built for the Leapster Explorer, is a bit hit or miss, when it comes to playing random
  • The swf file must be ActionScript2 and compiled for versions no higher than Flash Player 8.
  • Flash Lite for the Digital Home does not support all AS2 features. No internet access, etc
  • Files built much larger than 320x240, may have issues with displaying, or the exit screen.
  • Pick games that have simple inputs. Flash Lite interprets the buttons as these values.

If there's enough demand, maybe we should compile a pack based from the successes from this thread:
I just don't think there is enough demand for it.

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