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games transfer, help requested please
hi all,

I have bought one leappad2 with a couple of games on it, then I thought I would like more, but rather than buy a game for £20, I bought a new leappad off ebay for £30 which had 4 games on it, and 1 external cartridge.
Now I went to their website and they say you can transfer apps between toys as they're all 'open source' and licensed as such.
Now come to do that, I put in the first leappad and it is fine, the second one, and that's fine too, but try to move games between pads and you hit a wall.
They say the first ones were registered under a certain parent account, and the second under a diff account and I have a third account.

So legally, the owners who sold me the first pad are fine, nothing stops them doing so.
The second owners too are fine, nothing stops them selling.
I am fine as well, nothing that says I can't buy.

But I can't use the games! .. so is there a way I can copy over the games from one device to another?

thanks all
LeapPad games belong to the person who bought the license to the game.
You bought a LeapPad with some games on; The original owner still owns the license to the games. You own only the console but have use of the games for now.
As soon as you link the other LeapPads to your parent account, you will lose those games from your devices.

The best advice is to play the games on your LeapPads until you don't want them anymore. Then you can link all the LeapPads to the same parent account so you can share your purchased games across all the devices.
Or, you could try asking the original owner if they could allow you access to their online account?

If you have more than one device, downloaded games are great as you can put them on more than one device despite only having to purchase them once. There are often online discounts in the form of voucher codes to make the games cheaper to purchase.
Cartridges are great if you only have one LeapPad as after you have finished with the game, it has some resell value.
Yea, unfortunately snipa is correct. It is a real bummer, but it is the same story with say an xbox. If someone sells you an xbox with downloaded games on it, you won't be able to use those games unless you are signed into the account that purchased them since they are licensed to that person.

You could FTP to the device to copy the game off it and transfer it to the other device, but once you connect it online or to your PC, the app will re-check your items and remove any you did not purchase so I would not advise this method.

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