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I don't keep the firmware on my PC, it will have to be re-dumped by someone and re-modified.
Ok, thanks for your response.

It's possible for me to update to the official firmware or to install the latest v74.40606 - By Deak Phreak - Fixed directly?
You need to install the same version that is on your device. You can update to the official firmware and then it would need to be dumped and patched.
I'm sorry but after some days of searching, i don't know how to update officialy my firmware.
Any help please?
You just connect it to your PC and load up the Learning Lodge software. It will detect if you need an update and then prompt you to update to the latest version.
Thanks for your response.

And THANKS for the rest. I found the solution with the learning lodge (explora park for me). before I had not found the solution in the explora park.

thanks again
Pls I need an original innotab 3s firmware. The one that came with the innotab from the company. My innotab 3s is stuck on the 'Update in Progress' screen and I want to see if I can get the firmware into an SD card and reboot tablet from it. Any link to such file pls?
has anyone still got 'v33.30621 - By is0mick'
HI, this link is dead : Baby v74.40616 - By Deak Phreak - Fixed
is possible to have it for french user.

Tank you and have a good day
Hello, the link to v47.40606 FR is dead, could you please so nice to post a new link ? Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for this great forum !

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