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Prevent auto shut-off ??
There is one annoying thing... if no LeapPad Connect / Manager is running.. The unit auto power off after a few minutes.

Use case: serial connection, debugging apps while they are running.

It doesn't do this in developer mode... but you can't start apps in this mode..
This is what you want:


2) Keep AppManager from booting -
touch /flags/main_app

Number 2, as it turns out, will boot whatever you choose to put in the file "main_app".
The nice feature about #2 is, it stops the darn thing from continually shutting off as
it is prone to do when you want to fool with it. It basically just shows the splash screen.
(04-29-2015, 10:46 AM)snipa Wrote: This is what you want:


Thank you Smile So much great information here, miss it in my initial read.

Bonus: I can now start DOOM via that script.. muahaha.
If you can get Doom running on it without any firmware modifications, then perhaps we need to find someone that can compile the app or a script that will load the app and then compile Doom into an installable app to be run via the "main dashboard". Unless doing it that way takes up too much memory and would not run well. Maybe the script can kill processes before running the game Wink

This is what I was hoping to see for emulators, but the development slowed down at openlf.

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