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LeapPad2 drone
I've been looking at the LeapPad2 and the NXP3200 seems to be a nice little processor. I only have one issue, does anyone have a board with the processor removed? I'm looking to do some discovery on the processor and I want to first see what pins are actually available and wired where. It seems to be a nice little platform for a drone. I'm hoping the PWM outputs are available somewhere on the board and aren't used for the LCD. If that is the case, then I might have to resort to external PWMs... Not ideal. At any rate, if anyone has the board schematic, or barring that, a board with no processor, I'd like to know. I thought I'd put the feelers out there first before I have to chip one off myself (I have a few available for just such purposes, but if I can keep them running, I'd like to eventually incorporate them.)...

Once I've got a better idea what's available, I'm going to start looking around at possible frame ideas. I was hoping for a four rotor design seeing as I've got two PWMs available. I suppose a six rotor design could work as well, but I'm trying to keep it simple.
There is a google plus community if you have not been there yet that has some info that may help. https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/...8766680750
Yeah, I was there.  I was actually hoping to e-mail HaxtorMoogle, since I'm not sure he's been checking anything lately and ask him if he's got a spare leappad2 board lying around, since he's decapped the LF1000, but I couldn't figure out how to send an e-mail from there. You seem to have to add everyone to your "circle" if you actually want to do anything other than post globally. Sheesh.  Anyway, the LF2000 is an NXP 32xx, which has datasheets available and what not, which is why I was excited about the LeapPad2.  The only thing I'd really like to see in the NXP32xx is their SCT. That's an awesome little peripheral. Talk about signal-generator-in-a-box, man its awesome. At any rate, I'm really hoping the motor PWM is available, because I've seen some motors that I think I can use that on.  Plus, I was really hoping to have "1 PWM to rule them all" with four - six control signals I could AND with the PWM signal.  That way, I can pretty much use 1 PWM, but for actually maneuvering, I can just turn on and off the other signals with a timer.  Don't know how that will work yet.  I may just end up using 4 motor controllers.  But I'd really like NOT to do that if I can.  Saves a few oz as well as some juice.

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