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Install tar files
What command and/or switches does the LP Manager use to create the install .tar files? I have some apps I made before finding the LP Manager and want to use LP Manager to install them using the tar files. I've tried creating my own .tar files manually but I end up with a folder on the LeapPad named mytempfolder (I think) instead of the application folder name when I try to install them. What am I missing?
The app will first copy the tar to the device, unzip it and move it to the directory based on the meta.inf file. The software does do a check so if your archive is not custom or matches an official app, the software will not install it for anti-piracy measures.

When you archive your custom app then just store it instead of compressing it and ensure you are zipping up all the root files for your app and not zipping a folder. The software will unzip your tar to a temp folder on the device before reading the meta.inf file to get information from. If you are missing that meta.inf then that would be a reason it is not installing.

If you want me to look at it further for you, you can post the tar you are trying to install at zippy share and post the link.
Ok, turns out it wasn't an issue with how I was making the tar files. I had a missing double quote in one of the meta.inf causing the directory name issue. And since I copied that first file to the different apps and then updated the directory names, I copied the error with it. After adding the missing double quote and building the tars it works fine when installing using the LP Manager.

Thanks for your help!
Glad to hear. If you created some apps that others may find useful, please feel free to share them.

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