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!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !! - We are not responsible for damage done to the InnoTab by using anything posted here.

By downloading these files, you agree to use this to make backups of games you already purchased or to use custom homebrew apps. We do not support piracy and you agree to these terms for using this firmware.

InnoTab 2s

v45.40324 - By Deak Phreak
v26.30320 - By is0mick
Recently, my grandaughter got this Innotab 2S with version 44.30320
Is there a flashing firmware somewhere for this version?

Also can somebody please write a small tutorial in this section on how to find out the unitEID of the Innotab 2S.

Very much appreciate it.
I don't believe we have patched that one yet, you will need to dump the firmware and post it somewhere http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1.html grab the innotab backup zip toward the bottom of the first post. You can read about the UnitEID here http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-2.html in the section that says "What is the UnitEID?"
I need some help with the new firmware. I had updated my Innotab 2s via LLN and received firmware 45.40324. I dumped the firmware https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rl1ck1luysdra...1.bin?dl=0
I'm wondering if this could be patched or it already has been. I searched for days now.

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