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How to get ADB access and WIP Status
KELkun peux metre le tuto en francais svp merci Smile
[quote='juju2006911' pid='3011' dateline='1424620638']
bonjour j'ai réussi à installer angry bird
mais je n'arrive pas à installer play store,
il s'allume écran blanc et s'éteint par contre le flash ne reste pas il ne faut pas éteindre la console

comment laisser le flash définitif ?

est installer play store ?

OK, I had access to the tab for a couple of hours, so here are my new findings.

If you are running windows do:
adb logcat | find "eid"

with your tablet already plugged in.
Start ExploraPark, and you should soon receive some lines of logs with your EID (same as with preivous Innotab devices)

This EID will be usefull to edit database, as database are encrypted !
I've reversed some code, and the encryption engine is SQLCipher, which is supported by http://www.sqlabs.com/sqlitemanager.php

The DB password is the USB PID: 1668 followed by your EID (so quite a long password to type !)

Then, you can grab a copy of the db called fakeapp.db, located in:


Start SQLiteManaged, and open the DB. It will prompt for a password. You are now in !

I have not tested yet which fields are mandatory in "downloaded_cartridge" table. You will see that the known *.bin files are mentionned there in the "url" field.

Does any of you have some cartridge to check the behavior ?
wow that is great work! I really wish I could dig in and help research.
(03-02-2015, 09:19 AM)Deak Phreak Wrote: wow that is great work!  I really wish I could dig in and help research.

Is source code of your innotab apps available ? I think soon we can add some support for ITMax
The source code is private, but did recently put it up on Bitbucket to track my updates and in case anyone else wanted to help out with it. I use C# and Visual Studio 2012
Would be glad to contribute if possible ! c# is not an issue for me. Will go to create a bitbucket account (only github account for now)
PM me your Bitbucket username and I will get you access. You will not be able to commit and push to master, so create branches for different features you wish to work on and then you can do a pull request so I can review it and merge into Master.

I am no expert at c# and just started this past year, so I am sure there is a bit of stuff that can be optimized. Also please do not compile and release the code yourself or release the source yourself either.
I picked up an InnoTab Max at one of the closing Target stores. Pretty cheap way to get a tablet. I have sidebar lite installed so I can use its toggle to get out of the vtech front end. Wondering if any one could let me know how to by pass it automatically when booting? More important would be changing the function of the home button to get to the main android screen, has any one changed this?

Media Browser 3's app will stream movies from my laptop. Yet Netflix will not play, and gives an error. Wondering if it could have something to do with missing services?

Could any one here let me know which version type of Google Play Services, should be sideloaded? Gmail app and Google Play will not work with out it.

I am new to android so I am taking my time figuring it all out. Thank you all for the awesome information so far!

EDIT: Strange observation. I rooted two of the InnoTab Max devices, one blue and one pink. When first booting the pink one it required a firmware upgrade. When I attempted to enter recovery on the pink one I did not have to hold the power button, Just up and to the left with the context button. Other wise when i was using the power button too it would just turn on. The blue one did not have this reaction no forced firmware, and I just held all 4 buttons for 3 seconds.
Interesting ! It may be there are differents BL, so recovery sequence keys may be a bit different ! I have only one device, so not able for now to see any of these differences.

Regarding the default launcher, it is defined per user, but I did not complete the reverse steps to modify it yet.
It can be defined to be:
- profile selection
- innotab desktop
- android launcher

I did not installed Google Play services. I'm just pushing apps through adb.

What FW version are you running ?

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