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[App] - Innotab Manager
I have decided to make an all-in-one app with various tools.  You can convert videos, download videos from youtube, scan and populate the database and find your Unit EID. If you wish to report bugs or features, you can post in here or on Bitbucket HERE


Video Converter

Here are the commands used for the different profiles
Divx: -c:v mpeg4 -vtag xvid -b:v 400k -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 1 -ab 96k -ar 20050 -r 15 -vf scale="'if(gt(a,4/3),480,-1)':'if(gt(a,4/3),-1,272)'"
H.264: -c:v h264 -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -b:v 400k -acodec libmp3lame -ac 1 -ab 96k -ar 16000 -r 15 -vf scale="'if(gt(a,4/3),480,-1)':'if(gt(a,4/3),-1,272)'"

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on optimizing these or if you have other profile settings such as for the I3 or whatever that may be different.

SD Scanner
  • It will scan these folders inside LLN\APPS: Books, Carts, Games, Other and auto populate the database with any apps it finds
  • For devices with WIFI such as 2s, 3s etc., you can place a text file in the SD root called ueid.txt with your UnitEID in it.
  • Inside each app folder, you can create a text file called info.txt with the app title on the first line and the app type in the second such as "Disney Princess" and "Deluxe E-Book". You can also add an icon in the app folder as well named icon.ico as long as it is formatted correctly for the innotab.  I will soon be working on a built in converter so you can add a normal image file and it will auto convert it.
  • If it throws an error about the SQL then you may be on a 32 bit system and will require a different SQL dll file.  Open the files\x86 folder and find the SQL dll file in there and move it to the main program directory overwriting the existing one. (Where you run the .exe file)

Get Unit EID

You must connect your device to the Learning Lodge before running this or it may not have logs for your device.  I have a preset location where the logs show up, but if they are not there on your machine, you will need to find them and set the path to them before scanning. The files are called DMLog.txt and DMReadableLog.txt

Featues to add:
  • Adjust the video options to fine tune it for specific devices and add more options.
  • When scanning the SD card, have it pick up image files to auto convert to icons

Download not available
Updated to v 1.1.0 which now has the ability to check for updates on the about page.
Added code to Bitbucket for code management and issue tracking. https://bitbucket.org/jtriptow/innotab-manager

I need your help, i have an issue with IM in W7 x64, scan doesnt works.

Ok So I have installed the Innotab Manager. It worked perfect to find my UnitIED.

I would like to also convert videos but I receive a message about needing FFMpeg. I have attached a file that shows exactly what I am seeing when I open the program and then what I see once I am in the program. I click on download if for me and it does not work. I am not sure how to proceed from here.

Attached Files
.pdf   FFmpeg.pdf (Size: 95.65 KB / Downloads: 787)
Just download ffmpeg, extract it and put ffmpeg.exe inside the files folder of the app location. Example: Innotab Manager/files/ffmpeg.exe
hello anyone can re-upload please ? i want this big app Smile thank you

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