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[Tutorial] - Getting shell access
what info exactly is needed for putty to connect to the leappad?
Just the info that is in the 2nd picture of the first post should be all that is needed. The com port may differ though. Once you hit connect, if it connects, but just sits on a black screen... I think you have to type 1021 to "gain access" to the shell.
nothing in the host address or anything like that?

i see now i can select serial as the connection type which then asks for which com and speed. however the screen just sits there black. doesnt show it connected and i cant type anything
when you type it won't show anything on the screen. Just blindly type 1021 I think is what it was and you should get a shell prompt.

Ensure the tablet is on, connect the usb, load up putty and set the settings. Yes set the connection type as serial. If you boot it up after you connect the USB and load putty, it should show some loading output to the screen.
Oops sorry, the 1021 was for the innotab. The LeapPad should not need that. If nothing is showing, you will need to check your connections. Post any pictures as well.
I have been busy these past two weeks so i haven't tried figuring it out. The most probable cause would be my solder connections. Probably Sunday i will have time to try it again.

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