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Free Tablets
If you have a USB -> Serial converter and want to mess around with a device, let me know.  I have a bunch of Leap Pad 2's that either have no touch screen or a broken one that I can send you.  You can still see the screen, you just won't be able to touch to move around the screen.  There are also a few Innotabs of various types that may or may not have various issues.  I only ask that you cover shipping which would be about $7 for priority mail in the USA.

I would like to get more people involved so I am willing to send these out for free. I have been fixing screens on these for a while and just have too much extra inventory since I have burned myself out on these and just want to clear some out.

Please only request if you have technical knowledge, are in the USA and want the device to poke around and try to help improve the community.  You can consider this as a test tablet so you do not mess up your kids.

What I have:
Leap Pads:
Loads of Leap Pad 1's and 2's with either no touch screen or busted touch screens. (possibly around 100)
Possibly 1 or 2 busted LeapPad Ultras with various issues

Pink Innotab 1: 1x no power, 2x busted touch screen, 1x busted touch screen / LCD
Blue Innotab 1: 1x busted LCD, 1x busted touch screen / LCD, 1x fully working but taken apart. Might be missing some screws etc.
Blue Innotab 2: 1x no power, 1x fully working, 2x busted touch screen, 1x busted touch and apart, 1x no power
Pink Innotab 2: 1x no backlight?, 1x busted touch screen
Innotab Baby: 1x fully working, 1x no idea (apart, missing screen, no sound on power)
Blue Innotab 2s: 2x fully working (I may end up keeping one for myself), 1x busted touch screen and broken LCD connector
Pink Innotab 2s: 1x working but apart
Blue Innotab 3: 1x working

I have 2 others that may have issues and are mostly just parts. One is a Pink 2s and I am not quite sure what the other is Smile

Pink MobiGo 2: 1x white screen, 1x seems to work
Blue MobiGo 2: 1x bad screen and doesn't boot
Yellow MobiGo: 1x seems to work
Pink MobiGo: 1x broken touch screen
Leapster Explorer: 1x seems to work
Purple Leapster 2: 1x seems to work
Green Leapster 2: 1x touch doesn't work
My best friend's daughter has an Innotab 3 and I've constrained myself to just converting videos for her because I've been too afraid of bricking it if I try messing with the firmware.  I'd love to get one of these so I could play around with it and hopefully be able to transfer those skills to the Innotab 3.  I'm competent enough to use Linux from a command line and the most technical project I've done was buy an E3 NOR flasher to roll back a few PS3s to 3.55.  I also bite off more than I can chew sometimes and ended up buying Bus Pirate I never use.

I don't have a USB -> Serial converter but if I can order it online I will.
Yea you can order it online which would give you more access to poke around since most of the tablet screens are busted, so they are really only good for poking around and messing with stuff. If you look at my un-bricking tutorial, it will give links to some converters. Let me go through and inventory what I actually have and the status. Then you can choose what you want.
The US link for the converter was sold out, will this be suitable instead?

I'll PM you for payment details.
Yea that should be fine. See if you can find one from the USA because ePackets from China take forever to arrive Smile I will go through my tablets today and update the first post with the items I have available. I think the easiest way would be to simply donate on the site with the shipping amount and then you can rack up the money and reap the site benefits as well Smile
Just donated $10. I'm very excited. I'll PM you shipping info after you update the initial post.
Great. I updated the first post so take a look and see what you want.
I'd like to claim the Blue 3 please, as that way I could immediately apply things I figure out to my friend's daughters. Would I need a different usb converter cable for that one?
No it will work with all the innotabs and leappads. It may work with other things as well if the device has RX TX outputs.
Hello Deak.

If you still have any working ultras, or Leappad2 (also NXP3200 IIRC), that would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to pay for shipping.

I have successfully cross-compiled and run DOOM on the ultra (via telnet). The console framebuffer is the next step, which requires flashing the kernel/uboot... something I'de rather not do on my sons tablet just yet.

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