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Unit EID Info
Just some snippets while talking with mick so I can look into this further for the Innotab 2s when I get some time.

<is0-mick> the EID
<is0-mick> there's two ways
<is0-mick> either use the way they do it with the /dev/app/ blahblah and ioctls
<is0-mick> then md5 the data
<is0-mick> or..
<is0-mick> you can just read it direct from flash
<is0-mick> then md5 it
<is0-mick> and you'd have the eid
<is0-mick> maybe need a script and a couple of tools
<is0-mick> or write a prog
<is0-mick> the ID is like a long ascii ID
<is0-mick> type thing
<is0-mick> and the EID
<is0-mick> is the MD5 of that
<is0-mick> so you'd need to read it from sdcarda3? i think
<is0-mick> actually
<is0-mick> dd would do it
<is0-mick> dd if = /dev/sdcarda3 offset length
<is0-mick> or whatever
<is0-mick> output that to a file called ID
<is0-mick> then MD5 that
<is0-mick> gives you EID

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