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Full game downloaded from LL store doesn't show as bought.
You can also just do it manually via the shell if you want. Stick that game on the root of your SD card and then do the following:

mkdir -p /vp_mnt/sd/decrypted_games

mkdir -p /vp_mnt/app_bin
vmount -d /dev/loop7

lmaid /vp_mnt/sd/58-126803-000-064.ita /dev/loop7 /vp_mnt/app_bin
cp -fr /vp_mnt/app_bin /vp_mnt/sd/decrypted_games/Sophia

umount -d /vp_mnt/app_bin
rmdir /vp_mnt/app_bin
Decrypted with the changes to the script file. It didn't have a squashfs file, so all the files were ready to go.
Just given it a quick test and works fine Smile
Many thanks again Smile
Great to hear and glad I could help.

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