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Firmware update? - Cart Backup no longer working
Hi -
I have a question about updating the firmware on a 3s that's already been patched.

About a year ago when I first got the 3s, I used the patched firmware and everything was good. A few months ago I got an update from the lodge and that update made some backed up games on the SD stop working but the ones my son played with the most were good so I thought nothing of it.

Christmas, he got a couple of new games and I tried to use the backup tool and now I realized that doesn't work either. I checked and my new firmware is 46.40521 which there is a patched version of however I can't seem to get it on the 3s. How would I update the firmware to the new version and would that make the backup tool work again?

Thanks for all your help and everything you guys do!
The backup tool should still work, grab is from here http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1.html and edit the innopad_wf.db file to include your UnitEID. You should be able to pull the UnitEID value from your old database.

If there is already a version out for you though, just grab that to flash and use that instead. You will still need to edit the database file and include your UnitEID.
Thanks for your reply Deak Phreak - I still can't figure it out - must be missing something. I looked over the db file (attached) and all the UnitEIDs look good. There is a new flash version out however the "cartage method" - where I unzip the rom on the root and pop in the cart that came with the unit does not seem to work (it just loads the cart and not the patch).
If you have any other suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Attached Files
.zip   Innopad_wf.zip (Size: 42.11 KB / Downloads: 137)
Well if an update made some apps not work, that is due to you running an official firmware so you need to flash a modified firmware that matches your current version. You need to find the modified firmware zip file and extract it to your SD card. Then you need to edit that database file and find the execute app in the games table so you can add your UnitEID. Then launch it and flash your system. You can then remove the those files from the SD card and restore you old LLN folder stuff that has your database file and apps. Then try it.
Yes - I forgot to update the ID on the modified firmware. I did that and ran the hack - all seemed fine. It restarted and I got the "updating firmware" screen for like a minute and then I get a black screen. It won't respond to anything but when I popped out the battery an put it back in, it loads the "updating firmware" screen and does the same thing.
If you pulled the battery before it finished then it may have bricked the device. This can also be caused by copying the firmware to the SD card and having it get corrupted by a low quality SD card or flashing and having the SD card disconnect by any slight movements. You can keep trying, but I think something happened during the process, maybe be all the file moving around on your SD card could have made it not stable and then flashed a corrupted firmware.
J'ai eu également le même problème et l'écran reste bloqué sur a mise a jour du logicel et cela s'etteind au bout d'1 minute
I think I know what happened - the battery crapped out after the restart and bricked it - should have had the wall wart attached. Anyhow, I got another and to my surprise, the F/W version is 1669.45.40516. Looking on the site, I think a few others have seen this version. I'm guessing a patch hasn't been developed yet?
There is an Innotab 3s Plus with that version. I would suggest connecting to the lodge first and ensure the firmware is up to date on the latest firmware. There is a version v46.40521 for the USA. Yes it is very important to have full power by plugging in to AC before flashing Smile
It's the latest according to the Lodge. So you say the v46.40521 would work for this unit?

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