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If you are interested in flashing a modified firmware or doing anything yourself, please remember that you do so at a risk.  To help ensure you don't brick your device, please use a high quality SD card in the innotab.  You may want to use it for a bit normally and check to make sure your innotab keeps working as it should and doesn't randomly disconnect the SD card.  In one of my tablets I know the connection for the SD card was not the best and if it wiggled a bit, it would disconnect.  If this happens during flashing, it will brick the device.  Also if the firmware gets copied onto the card and that process does not go smoothly, it could get corrupted and you would flash a corrupted firmware to the device also bricking it.

Please keep this information in mind when attempting to flash your device or play around with it yourself.  If you do find your device bricked, you can attempt to follow THIS tutorial which may or may not help to unbrick it.

Please do not post links to any converted movies or official Vtech software or the posts will be removed. If it is something that you must pay money for, don't post it. Do not PM me asking for help because I will not reply. If you have issues, post them on the forum and either myself or someone else can help you as we find time.

Please read through the FAQ as well which may help answer any questions you may have.

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