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Motherboard Pix
I took apart my Leap Pad Ultra today and snapped some pics of it.

Stumbled across this site today after searching for info about a replacement speaker for my sons LP Ultra.
Would you happen to know the part number of the speaker? Going to open up his leappad tonight and check it out.

Tons of great info here! Really appreciate that you're sharing all of it!

I'll take pics of the speaker tonight and be sure to upload.

Thanks again

I think that I replaced a busted speaker in one from an old LeapPad 2. I have a bunch of those as you can see here http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-472.html so that could be an option if you want to cover shipping and I can send you a tablet that you can pull the speaker out of. I simply just de-soldered the wires on the speaker from the LP2 then soldered it onto the wires on the LPU and tossed the old speaker.
Ever replaced an Ultra screen, Deak? I have a broken one and wouldn't mind getting a compatible replacement. As it is a 7" screen I hoped I could pick one up from somewhere like DX.com - broken, donor LeapPads are much harder to source here in the UK than they are for you.
I have only found Ultras on ebay with other issues and simply swapped the screens or connected it to the net and forced an update which sometimes fixed the issue and was a way cheap way to get an Ultra. I have a couple Ultra's around in parts and can check to see if I have a good screen that I can sell you.
Thanks Deal but the postage to UK might be uneconomical?
Ah yea maybe. I did ship Mick a beat up Ultra, but don't remember how much postage was.

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