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[Tutorial] - Fixing a bricked system
Just for my information, can you me explain somethings (I'm know a little bit linux system because I work on it every day)

I have seen that when we flash (like in the tuto) we just copy the bin into a dev (/dev/sda6 I guess)
The system booting "with the cable" (busybox ??) is on the same /dev ? or it is another /dev ?

I ask this because my storio brick because of an incomplete copy of the bin on the /dev/sda6. So if I understand well, and if it is on another /dev, there is no reason for not be able to recover.

Thanks again for your time and your answer
So, I was at work, I'm home and I retry. And it works I have the prompt !!!!!

Now, I think I have another problem. My last save was called sdcarda7 so I "dd" to sdcarda7, I have mount it and the system seems correct. I try to reboot. But it doesn't reboot. I see in the putty logs that it try to mount /dev/sdcarda6 to /system and it fail (we can see it in my first link). But it seems that I can't dd my image to sdcarda6 (not enought space). An idea ?
sdcarda6 and sdcarda7 are interchangeable since it switches between them when the innotab updates. You have to make sure that you are flashing the same firmware version to sdcarda6 then what is currently on there or you could have problems. Since sdcarda6 is already corrupted, you can simply try taking your backup of sdcarda7 and "flashing" it to the sdcarda6. Again, those numbers are just different "slots" which hold the same firmware data, it just switches between them so there is a backup.

It would be nice to figure out how it determines which one to boot from, but have not looked into it enough. Just don't have the time or knowledge.
Ok, It works !
Thanks for your help.
Hello everyone ! I feel relax when i see this method works... u r so lucky. I ve a big problem... i can t find this cable in my country Sad Maybe is there an other solution without using this cable to unbrick my storio 3... please if possible let me know.... i d be soooo grateful ! Thanks Sad
I don't think so. You need shell access and the only way I know how is via the Serial output on the device which you need some way to read and get access to. That is what the cable does. You could just have it shipped to your location, but might end up being costly. You can also try to find a busted device in your area on eBay or something and simply swap the hardware with yours.
Bonjour à tous et un grand merci pour ce tutoriel!

Juste une question concernant le montage de la carte sd.
En effet lorsque j'essais de monter la carte sd le système me dit que fstab est introuvable :

Quote:/ # mount /dev/sdcardb1/media/sd

mount /dev/sdcardb1/media/sd

mount: can't read '/etc/fstab': No such file or directory

En effet, après vérification, fstab n'est pas créé.

Mes connaissances en programation sont très limitées, est ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'aider svp?
I don't know french, but according to the quote, if you are wondering why you can't mount the SD card, it does not look like you typed it correct. you need a space after sdcardb1. mount /dev/sdcardb1 /media/sd
(01-20-2015, 01:05 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: I don't know french, but according to the quote, if you are wondering why you can't mount the SD card, it does not look like you typed it correct.  you need a space after sdcardb1.  mount /dev/sdcardb1 /media/sd

Thank you very much for your response and your very detailed tutorial!

It works perfectly.
Just curious, because I've not played with or seen an Innotab, does it run Linux, or is it running a version of Android? (I'm curious because I read through this thread and fastboot came up, which usually relates to Android, but maybe here it doesn't?)

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