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Innotab Max
Hi. Hope this is an ok place to put this thread as couldn't find another one on the topic.
Here in UK the Innotab Max has now been released and i purchased one for my daughter for x-mas. She currently has an Innotab 2 which i managed to modify thanks to the this forum (and the previous page) thanks to the excellent work by those who contribute.
My questions is does anyone know if the same modifications can be made with the Innotab Max as was done with the Innotab 2. My main areas of concern are whether the movies can be copied across from the SD to a new SD (i converted lots of movies!) and likewise can the cartridge games be ran off the SD rather than having to use the cartridge each time (i bought a lot of cartridges that i transferred to the SD).
It is hard to say without actually having one. You can attempt to dump the firmware and see if you are able to do that. If so, you can post it somewhere and we can take a look at it. I am also unsure about the movies. You would just have to copy one over and try it out. I would assume there are not much differences.
wow, just looked at the specs for the Max. It looks impressive. Running on Andriod 4.2.2 and 1.5 ghz processor. They have added some android apps specifically for kids and learning.
What I wish to know is how does it compare side by side with the 3 and 3s?
What's your experience so far with it?
Interesting, so it sounds like maybe the did a ground-up on it? There was a similar tablet that was in all orange and can't remember the name. Picked it up for $5 and was running a custom version of android or something. I was able to get SU installed and a file manager app, then installed a bunch of apps on it for my kids.
(11-22-2014, 11:03 AM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Interesting, so it sounds like maybe the did a ground-up on it?  There was a similar tablet that was in all orange and can't remember the name. Picked it up for $5 and was running a custom version of android or something.  I was able to get SU installed and a file manager app, then installed a bunch of apps on it for my kids.

Have got my son one of these for xmas but not tried it it yet.

The new tablet runs Android and the screen resolution is 1024x600, so even if it does play the old videos upscaling from 480x272 to 1024x600 probably won't look good.  I'm planning to re-convert my ones to a larger size and save as .mp4 instead of .avi.

I am also very interested to hack this device.
Hi again. So i've opened up the Innotab Max just to make sure it was working and test a few things out (nothing like seeing a child get a new toy on Xmas day only find out it's not working). I'm so glad that i did. The device has to download a firmware update before you can start using it however my wireless at home here in UK was with BT using their HomeHub4. Unfortunately this, like some other modems has built in parental control that meant i couldn't download the update even though the device found the wireless no problem. I phoned Vtech up and they said that i couldn't download the update from anywhere and the only option was for them to send me a microSD with the installation files on that would automatically install when inserted and booted up. So not the best start, especially since they said i needed to post the microSD back to them after i had used it. But to their credit it came very fast and i did as instructed and following the update the Innotab work fine and accesses the wireless also.
First impressions are great. As someone mentioned the screen is a vast improvement that you can see straight away. Looking at the root folder structure it looks different from the 2s and more like android so i haven't tried any of the hack/flashs that i did with the 2s just in case i ruined it as i'm no expert!. So for now it's back to using the cartridges for my daughter until someone better than i can advise a way. Apparently when you first play the cartridges the device again needs to download an updated file so that the cartridge can be played on the Innotab Max so this would suggest to me that it's possible. Another good point is that the MP3 music files obviously work no problems and it's just a case of copying the files into the 'MUSIC' folder. The player also now has the ability to sort/group by albums (with artwork) which was always a frustration with the 2s for my girl.
HOWEVER!!!!! So far i cannot get the device to recognise ANY of the video files both when copying to the internal AND SD folders. The manual states:

Format: H.264 main profile video and AAC audio in an MP4 file.
Resolution: 1024x578 if source is 16:9. Other resolutions are supported but are not optimal for the device.
Video bitrate: 2000kbps. Other bitrates are supported but are not optimal for the device.
Audio bitrate: 128kbps constant bitrate. Other bitrates are supported but are not optimal for the device.
Maximum file size: 4GB (over 4 hours of play time using the recommended settings).

Does anyone know of any freeware that can do all of the above? I had been using AVS Video Converter 8 for the movies she liked to watch on her 2s. However the closest i could get to the above was 'H.264/AVC' video and 'MPEG-2/4' audio and as i say i just cannot get the device to recognise the video files (MP4 with the above rates and resolutions). Can anyone suggest if this is the reason for the device not recognising the files? What is AAC audio anyway? Thanks
Have you tried my spiffy video converter? I can make an option to encode with those video options which is pretty easy to do.
Hi thank. I didn't realise it did MP4 too so gave it a go but had some problems. I've posted in the separate thread in case anyone else had similar issues it would all be one place. Thanks
Hi again. I'm slowly getting there. It's been a bit more frustrating than i had hoped. Perhaps you can start a new Forum for Innotab Max similar to other for previous models.
VTECH Customer Support suggested a free app to convert files but not sure you'd want me to mention it on here given your converter. It turns out i was looking in the wrong place to play the converted files anyway. On the old 2S the converted movies were opened direct from the Videos icon on the homescreen. However on the Innotab Max it would appear that that same icon now only shows videos purchased from the Learning Lodge. To play the movies from the SD card you have to go to 'My Album' and then select videos. Not the end of the world but frustrating given that the MP3 music files DO play direct from the Music icon on the homescreen.
I also found it somewhat frustrating that the video files have an automatic icon based on an image from the movie. However the internal memory of the device has a folder called 'Thumbnails' I realised that each time i added a new movie the device automatically created a thumbnail (a random image from the movie) so it was just a case of replacing that file with the movie image (DVD sleeve) that i wanted but with the same file name (and dimensions).
I've seen that accessing the Learning Lodge direct from the unit looks useful however given the claim that so many Android apps are downloadable i had hoped that many of these would be free. It would seem that this is not the case. I predict that one of the most requested updates will be to have Google Play on the device. Also you now have the ability to download complete cartridge games direct on to the device (for the same price as a cartridge!), so again there MUST be some way to transfer the old cartridge files that i had transferred to the SD card onto the new device microSD. But i have not figured that out yet.

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