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divx on a innotab 2 firmware I2_UK_v43.30408-mod
Big Grin 
Hi been trying to play videoson my modded innotab 2.
been folling tuturials etc ,and all i am getting is unable to open file .
can some one add the divx line to the I2_UK_v43.30408-mod firmware please. i cant code or I would do it my self.

many thanks,

Have you tried my video converter app to simply encode it in a format it supports?
I have tried that and some other ways off the net. Having no joy. If some one could just add it to the modded firmware that would be great......
Many thanks

It may be some time before someone gets to patching the divx. I believe mick has been the only one that has done it. You may want to try and touch base with him in the IRC channel
Many thanks but thought it was changing a line of code with a line prievously changed ie from firmware 2..... To 4...... . Thanks for your promp reply

I believe it was replacing the codec with an older one. I was going to do this on a newer firmware but the filesize was way off so I didn't bother. I tested my video converter and it seems to work with all the tablets I tested since I allowed it to convert to 2 different formats.
When I used that all I got was a error when trying to open the video on a inotab 2
Maybe due to the video you were using. I did find a video that had issues and fixed it. I lost the source of the original program, but have my own converter software that I am using for myself that you are welcome to try out.

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