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Poll: What future Customizer features would you like to see?
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Change the thumbnail for multiple videos at the same time (eg for a series)
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Better cropping options if thumbnail image is not square (ie Top/Middle/Bottom/Left/Right)
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Edit Filename/Displayname for video files in the database (allows Advanced sorting described below)
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Re-enable the Add Videos/Photos/Music button (if there is already a UEID)
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Customizer - Future Features
Not had much time to spend on the InnoTab lately, but a few comments on the YouTube thumbnail videos caught my attention.So if I am crazy enough to try another update to the Customizer, what would you like to see?

I've had a few ideas at the back of my mind for a while but interesting to see what others think.

For the Advanced sort, what this allows me to do is set the filenames and displaynames differently, but sort on one or the other. I use it to group series together, eg: for Toy Story Toons and Maters Tall Tales

Filename: TST - 01 Small Fry Displayname: Small Fry
Filename: TST - 02 Party Saurus Rex Displayname: Party Saurus Rex
Filename: MTT - 01 Mater and the Ghostlight Displayname: Mater and the Ghostlight
Filename: MTT - 02 Heavy Metal Mater Displayname: Heavy Metal Mater

This way the series are grouped together and in the correct order when sorted by filename, but the displayname shown on the Innotab is short and easy to read Wink Or I can just sort them alphabetically by their displayname.

The Add Video/Photo funcion was removed as newer firmware stored the UEID against the database entries and I have no way of obtaining it unless there was already a video/photo/music file in the database. I could look to re-instating this (as long as there is a UEID value already there to read)

Please feel free to add other suggestions. Obviously I can't work miracles and am limited to what the InnoTab can do - I know a lot of people want Album Art for the music (myself included) but as far as I know this still isn't possible yet.


Have not used the innotab for a LONG time, so I am not sure what the best feature would be ha ha ha. I am sure any work on it would be great though.

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