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eMMC pinout - anyone?

Managed to "resurrect" another storio by mounting working eMMC on top of failed one and disconnecting VDD, but it would be nice if I correct failed one. Smile

I'm looking for eMMC pinout. So far I know where VSS and VDD (3.3V) are but hard to tell how other signals are placed. Unfortunately no way to tell that checking eMMC PCB as bottom side is mostly shield.

Dark blue are VSS pins (connected on both - main PCB and eMMC), Red is VDD.

Any help really appreciated.

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Slight update (as don't have much time to investigate):

Boot log is showing that eMMC is using 4-bit wide data bus.
OK, so I'm proud to announce that I figured out whole pinout. 
After that it was really pretty easy to connect to SD/MMC reader using short wires. Results are below. Smile

As eMMC chip is used in other storios/innotabs it might be useful for other users.

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Nice one!
(01-12-2015, 01:27 AM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Nice one!

Oh yes - that was really fun experience.  Big Grin

One more thing - to read eMMC content - there's no need to desolder it. Just cut VDD's PCB trace and solder all wires to MMC reader. 
Later just reconnect cutted trace and that's all. Wink

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