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Firmware 43.30916 need patching
Hi group, I have to go on vacation the end of next week and I have 20 hours of driving to do with my 3 year old .... I purchase the InnoTab 3 because I wanted to install the games without him have changed the cartridges always (Except that my firmware was never flash it is 43.30916 Canada..

thank you for your help

PS i can't add attachment it's too big Sad
Upload to a site like zippyshare.com
My files it's correct for you Deak Phreak? How much times for flashing my files?

HELP please flash my firmware Smile 43.30916
I don't know if the other firmware patchers are on here much and as I mentioned, my hard drive got corrupted and don't have the tools to do it ATM. I have also been quite busy with other things so it may be some time before I get back up and running.
i would like to know if is it a posssibility to flash this firmware(v43.30916-north america) ? if not can i downgrade my innotab 3 ? or i'm stuck with it..
thank you very much
We have never tested flashing an old firmware. You can remove the firmware checks so it will flash, but since we have never tested, we are unsure what would happen. It is easy enough to patch the firmware that it would be safer just to patch it. A lot of us just are quite busy and can't find the time to get it done so you will have to wait or persuade us to do it sooner Smile
ok thank you...i'ts a old firmware ? i update my innotab with my computer...can i update my innotab 3 another way ? then flash it ? Which possibillity i have...if there some possibillities... i just want to put somes games on the SD card and make it play... so i'll wait and hope one day it find the solution...

thank you anyway ;o)

edit: can i update my innotab3 to v43.31226 ?
People usually update to the latest through the official software and then find a modified firmware for that version or patch it themselves. I am not sure if simply flashing a newer one would work either. You would still have to modify the flasher to allow for it to flash and I am unsure what would happen. There are most likely other things that would be missing outside the firmware such as in the root package and things that are not in the firmware that may get updated when you update through the official software.

Best and safest way is to simply update through the lodge software and then find / make a patch for that version.

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