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Anyone ever bricked a LeapPad?
Given my recent foray into FTPing into my LeapPad it seems that causing a problem is pretty simple being the idiot I am.
Is it possible to brick a LeapPad or is anything recoverable?

Does serial connection allow anything to be fixed? I currently only use Deak's tool and OpenLFConnect with FTP but might build me a hacked cart for UART connection for a 'just in case' moment if so.
In theory as long as you have the knowledge and a serial connection, you should be able to recover it. I have the connection, but unfortunately not the knowledge. I have one Ultra that seems to have an issue and I am unsure if its a hardware or software issue. I am unable to resolve it via the tune-up screen, but can get a serial output log.
I might have to get me a serial lead and have a play then!
I wonder what the issue is with yours?

Having been at the Tune-Up screen myself, there's no way to connect using your tool or OpenLFConnect. Are you saying you can via serial then?
Might be handy for a borked firmware upgrade?
When you are in the Tune-Up screen then no you are not able to connect. On one of my Ultras, it would start the tuneup process and then fail. Once it fails then I have access to SSH in for some reason, but unable to do anything at that point. It needs to be able to boot up normal to get serial access or at least get far enough along during the tuneup to enable it.

If you bork the device and can't recover, its easy enough to get a replacement online for cheap with a busted screen you can swap the mobo with Smile
I wanted to check a few things before I get to far into the LeapPad2. I've used the great Manager program to load a few videos and games. I wanted to look into the Linux system through shell access (without hardware) and want to make sure I can get back.

I can use the Manager program to set the "flag" (create developer directory) to boot into the developer mode which will get me telnet/ftp access (shell access). But I haven't read anything telling me how to turn off the developer mode so my daughter can enjoy her LeapPad2. I assume from telnet I can just delete the developer directory and reboot, is this correct? Assuming there is a problem with the telnet access does the parent menu in the developer mode have an option to delete the directory?
That is correct, you will simply FTP / telnet into the device and delete the developer flag. When it reboots, it should be out of developer mode. I don't believe there is any other way to disable developer mode unless you have a hardware shell access via a serial cable. You should always be able to FTP into the device though when it is in developer mode. The LeapPad manager will not work when in developer mode so you have to use FTP. It would be great if I can figure out a way to have it connect via FTP as well, but you would still most likely have to set up the IP info correctly before it can do that.
As soon as I connect via FTP I always delete the "flag" directory straight away.
That way as soon as I re-boot, there is no problem.
To be honest I've not noticed a problem using the LeapPad whilst in Developer mode anyway. The only difference I saw was the Developer Menu which my little girl wouldn't find anyway, and the inability to connect via LFConnect.

I must add, it did give me a moment of confusion once when I couldn't connect via LFConnect! It took me a couple of failed connection attempts to figure out what was wrong.

IIRC I think you can get out of developer mode with the Reset/Tune up recovery method as an emergency method, too.
Didnt think of that.... yea you should be able to run the recovery to restore it as a last resort. Power on the device while holding home, vol down and right on the directional pad and this will boot up into the recovery.

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