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My previous post on May 2
I must appologize for the broken nature of that link. Seems that the uploader didn't quite figure out how to upload the whole thing.
I didn't realize this until recently.
In any case keep checking once in a while, perhaps it will show back up soon. Undecided
Funny - the 'uploader' aka the person sharing it live (there is no uploading then sharing involved with torrents) happens to be "Corelulos" Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Shoot me a PM, or answer the one I sent you - let's get this figured out Wink
Corelulos is their ANY way that the link could be fixed? Im dying to get my daughter kitted out with the Pack2 load. Would happily pay for the priviledge to recieve the Zip file. Really need it.
is it time that someone makes a repository of all available backups?

BTW if you check
you can find some games in french
i am currently seeding Corelulos' torrent so run and grab it boys
Hmm, I grabbed as much as I could but now I'm stuck at 36% Sad
patience boys...... my pc is not on all day!!
it's almost done! Can't thank you enough, I'll be seeding for a long time as well
What i have seeded was Corelus' file that was shared through his google drive. It should have been the same as the torrent but the torrent only shows 99.2% of the file being there.

The file should ectract without any errors and all files should work.

If you guys have any problems with it let me know
I cant seem to extract it, I have even deleted old files and re snatched to 99.2% and when I try to extract it says "cannot open file as archive"

I did however get the files from his google drive extracted fine. Link was posted in the comments.

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