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My current status
Sorry guys, but my upgrade to an SSD went badly. I ended up losing all of my files because my backup somehow got corrupted and lost everything. I am now starting fresh and do not currently have all the tools needed to patch Innotab firmware or do any LeapPad work ATM.
D'oh! I just replied to your thread on the LeapPad connection problem thread then read this.
What a bummer!
I hope you had backups of photos and important docs etc...?
Games can wait!
the "backup" drive I used was our main backup drive for pictures and videos. I do have pictures on my server so hopefully they are up to date. I also have family videos on another drive hooked up to our TV, so here is hoping that is up to date as well. I believe the issue is due to the drive being a 3TB drive and after reading others with corruption issues, I decided to simply order 2, 2TB external drives online for my backups instead of this unreliable 3TB one.

I am currently going through my backup drive and deleting things I don't need or that I have elsewhere. I will then do a new backup of important stuff when my new external drives show up. This happened before on one of my server drives which I was not able to recover. The drive simply died and I lost ALL my music and about 3 months of pictures. I probably had about 500GB of music.
Wow, I hope you have backups. 3TB is a lot to lose, especially pictures and music.

The only very slight positive is that HDD media prices are the lowest I've ever experienced. I guess now is as good a time as any to get new hardware.
I really should make more backups. I might get me a new HDD for my media player and use the current drive it houses as a backup.
In terms of photos and audio files, does anyone use cloud-based services?
I saw Google recently slashed the price of their 'Drive' service which gets good reviews and Apple have just launched a competing service ... a possible alternative or a "just in case" service...?
My cousin pays for a cloud type service which features unlimited storage for a set monthly or yearly price. He syncs up with my cousins computers and backs up all their data automatically. I really should look into this. Yes hard drive prices are very reasonable right now and would definitely check up on your backups and make sure they are up to date. It is best to plan now instead of waiting until you lose data like me Sad

Just stick to max 2TB drives so they can be in MBR format. I don't trust larger drives anymore
My wife has just about killed me when she found out I have 3x 2TB, 3x 3TB externals to match the same quantity internals, and back them up monthly. The internals are RAID and the externals are each a mirror of the data, unplugged and in 3 locations apart just in case.

I got VERY lucky and lost my main laptop HDD the same time DEAK did, and by nothing short of a miracle had made a backup 3 weeks before... PURE LUCK.

I'll recommend the Seagate Externals as they're amazing drives, the bases remove and you can drop any SATA drive on it to have it as an external USB3 HDD. They're amazing speed and at $85 for 2TB and $95 for 3TB you can't lose! I've had every WD drive and NONE of the Seagate's I beat the crap out of fail.

(On a side note, did you know the super-fancy amazing drives that read/write 24x7x365 inside the Tivo's is a generic WD GREEN drive... aka the ones that aren't made for that Smile Not sure what the deal is there, but hell - you can HEAR the drives taking a beating and there's no way to back those up) Smile
ha ha that is awesome you had your stuff backed up. I don't backup enough and that is proof right there that you never know what is going to happen so backup things often. My external backup drives and internal backup drives for my server should be here tomorrow. Then I will start that online service once my server is running on the new drives.

The server will then have 8TB of space on it which will be mostly filled up once I transfer everything over to the new drives.
Hello I had the same problem as you let go of my dd I lost me on the spot and thanks to this software and this video I managed it all back and hope you get help Smile

software: https://mega.co.nz/#!UooRSYAB!QM2kxqP8lK...cBlGkT80d8

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQBprGyy_Ko
I was scanning through this thread -- I use Solaris and ZFS to keep our laptops and videos/pictures backed up. Currently I've got 5 disks running ZFS2, but will be adding more this year. They are 3TB disks, so SSDs are out here, but this in conjunction with Apple's Timemachine (I put the TM backup on the ZFS filesystem as I've discovered TM backups can go bad pretty easily, especially if you're not playing by Apple's rules and using WiFi). Its saved my bacon six times already at least. Granted, it isn't trivial to get started, but once you get it going, it rocks. I also use the Solaris system to host a Linux box serving movies using Plex. Works pretty well.

Anyway, if you're ever in the mood to set up a solid backup server. Seems like you've recovered most everything though.
Yea I should be good. Replaced all the hard drives in my local server and kept the old ones as backups. I also have some external drives as backups that I update once in a while and run backblaze to backup my server online.

I believe my corruption was caused by a 3TB drive so I am avoiding those ATM. I also figured that since I had a backup of my drive, it was safe to format it during the transition to the SSD and when finding out I needed to restore it to shrink the volume to fit on an SSD, I found out my backup was corrupted. Eh I am back up and running again so whatever.

I am never going back to a normal drive again! Even though the SSD's are so much, they are worth it and hope the price keeps dropping so I can get more.

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