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My current status
Actually, if you know about ECC, and you know the typical algorithms for ECC (mostly BCH codes now), at 4TB you are GUARANTEED an error. There are just too many bits. So the typical ECC lengths and algorithms just don't really cut it. 3TB pushes the limit there. And they want to sell you 6TB. That's just great until the error hits the wrong spot in a compressed or encrypted sector... WHAM! No more data. At any rate, that's the reason I started using ZFS2 for storage. The numbers are against big data pretty much. At any rate, realize that SSDs are probably worse than the normal drives because the lifetime of a typical flash chip is 5 years (MTBF). Given the way most wear leveling schemes work, you're luck to get that much. The bigger capacity flash chips typically use an MLB scheme, so they used to have about 2 bits/cell. Now they are pushing 3 bits per cell. There's barely enough voltage in a cell to detect the pattern of 1s and 0s. LOTS of errors. Its likely the reason Apple had issues with their iPhone 6 flash chips.

Plus, I hope you bought quality SSDs like Samsung or maybe Toshiba. The ones that are OCZ branded, I actually know pretty much how those are made. In fact, I know that the company that made them (OCZ and I think they were bought) was using Sandforce technology. As it turns out, at this point, even Sandforce doesn't know how their products works (they were also bought, but I forget by whom). And, if you aren't careful (suddenly lose power), you'll scramble some OCZ drives. So keep your backup power working when using SSDs (most other SSDs don't have issues with sudden power loss, but it is something to check when you get them in... before you start using them in earnest, test them thoroughly). Not to say I don't use them in my server. I have two of them for the system drives. But, if one scrambles, no problemo... at least that's the theory (I have a backup).

As far as price, they will keep dropping. I don't know how low they will get, but we'll see what technology comes up to compete with flash. So far nothing's really come along (there have been a few, but mostly junk). I really want them to come up with a memristor based technology, but so far, even though they've got the tech, it isn't quite practical yet I don't think. Till then, just be careful with your SSDs.
wow, that is quite the response Smile. I did buy quality SSDs which were Samsung ones. I do not use them in my server though, only in my PC and my wifes laptop. I do look forward to what they have next though. Still waiting for a computer that runs on light like fiber optics rather then electricity. Now that would be something.

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