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[Tutorial] - FTP to LeapPad
(06-09-2017, 01:34 PM)nthndgrt Wrote: I also tried automatically getting an assigned IP address. The adapter is a DHCP client on and assigns me The LeapPad is Still no luck.

Ok, I think I just figured it out. It turns out I didn't need my LeapPad connected to my computer anymore. I connected it to my wifi and was able to ftp into it.
how do I get out of developer mode? I don't seem to have that option anymore Smile
(12-27-2017, 03:19 PM)padraig Wrote: how do I get out of developer mode? I don't seem to have that option anymore Smile

If you installed the toggle developer app, you can just run that, otherwise you will need to FTP to your device and delete the developer flag.
I just have normal leappad manager after downloading the toggle. Does it install on the pc as an addon for the application or is it to be installed on the leap pad. If it's for the leap pad I am getting an issue installing connecting. anytime I try to connect it says it is not able to.

edit: Ok so I was able to get in to the leapfrog with FileZilla. I am wondering is there a way I can add videos that way instead of using the manager due to the fact that it still is saying that I cannot connect in the manager. I am getting the same IOError as some people here but even after deleting the dev flag It is still happening.

Thanks very much Daek.
It has been a long time since messing with this stuff. Not sure about the IOError you are having. If you are on the LeapPad 2, you could just extract the tar file the software creates and then just FTP over the files to the correct location. If you poke around, you should find where the others are located. I don't think there was anything else to do on that device. If you get lost, I can try to look up some more info for you. I had a hard drive fail, so all my stuff is moved off to an external drive that is not hooked up ATM.
When I try installing an app onto my LeapPad Ultra it does not show up on the Leappad. Does anyone know why this is happening?

EDIT: I know. There is a file for it to show up. I just install it with LeapPad Manager.
got to step 3 and was hosed....windows 10 64///wouldn't install driver...
googled around and found belcarra driver


used widows 8 x64 driver and bam worked!

got all my kids pics and videos via tftp!

Thank you!
Hope this helps someone!

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