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Leap Pad Manager
This will walk you through creating custom videos and installing them to your Leap Pad. Themes are done in a similar method, but using the Theme Maker instead. If you wish to report bugs or features, you can post in here or on Bitbucket HERE

  1. Download the Software HERE
  2. Run the software and go to the LeapPad menu then Video Maker
  3. Find a video you want to use on your PC and drag / drop it onto the software in step 1
  4. Enter in the details you want and click the Convert Video button
  5. While it is converting, you can do step 7 and edit the icons specified to reflect your video and save them with the same names overwriting the existing ones.
  6. Once the video is done, click the Create App button and it will put all the files into a .tar file.
  7. You can close the Video Creator app so you are back to the main LeapPad Manager app.
  8. Connect your LeapPad to your PC and ensure the official Connect software is not running.
  9. In the custom LeapPad Manager software, go to LeapPad / Connect and it should connect to your device and display some info in the log window
  10. Simply drag / drop your video .tar file to the program to install it.

Please be aware that the app needs administrator privileges so it can scan the devices and find the LeapPad. You can right click on the device and choose run as administrator. In order to drag/drop to the app, you may need to adjust your UAC or disable it.

If you are still unable to connect to the device, you may need to disable the Leapfrog Connect Device Service and ensure you are not in developer mode.

If the videos do not play, you need to install the video player which you can find here http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/77880182/file.html

The latest software v1.8.0 has been uploaded and will auto check if you need the video player. It also has ffmpeg included. If I start running into bandwidth issues, it will be removed.
Updated the software. You should now be able to install apps from the LeapPad menu and sticking your apps in the install folder. This will help solve the issue of not being able to drag / drop and if you don't want to disable the UAC.
hi first I want to say thanks for the work u did on making the manager, its awesome, it turned my daughters leappad ultra into a usefull device that plays movies she actually likes ,so that's really cool. it took me awhile to get it working on windows 8 but I got it . now im trying to get some themes on it but im not having much luck I can compile them with the theme maker without any problems but when I go to install them they don't show up on the pad. I drop the .tar files into the install folder same as with the movies but nothing happens. im thinking it might be the ultras higher native screen resolution except that the movies work so im not sure. im using the debug version I found in one of the threads. anyway if u have any suggestions that I could try or if any one else got it working id like to hear how. once again , thanks alot
The theme maker is only for the Leap Pad 2's since the Ultra uses a different format for them and I have not looked into it yet.
(06-13-2014, 06:08 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Updated the software. You should now be able to install apps from the LeapPad menu and sticking your apps in the install folder. This will help solve the issue of not being able to drag / drop and if you don't want to disable the UAC.


If I connect to the official leappad appcenter (to purchase games for example) after using your leap pad manager to copy over my custom movies, the custom movies are all removed. Is there any way to prevent this?


Not currently. I have not bothered to look into it further because i don't have the time ATM. I doubt there is any easy way to prevent that due to how they built the hardware and software
Thanks for doing all this great work, However I cant seem to use the leap pad manager to add videos, I for example tried to drag an .mp4 to the manager and it just blocks the icon to an x to say it cant be dragged and dropped.

Is there a way of doing this or do you have to convert to .ogg format as even these just x out on the icon.

Kind regards

In order to use the drag / drop, I believe you have to run as admin and temporarily disable the UAC or log in as administrator.
Thanks for the response, I have UAC turned off and run as administrator when I open the manager but it still wont allow me to drag and drop, Does the leap pad play .mp4 or is it just .ogg..?

Kind regards

Only .ogg which the app should convert to

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