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Leap Pad Manager
(01-25-2021, 11:33 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: I don't believe the program was ever coded to support the LeapTV sorry.  There should be a cache folder in the same location as the program.  ffmpeg.exe I believe should be in a folder called files.  So essentially when you are in the app folder, you should see a folder called cache, files and LeapPad Manager.exe among other files.  If you don't have that structure, create it and download ffmpeg.exe and place it in the files folder.

Oh, it still doesn't work with ffmpeg. I'm trying to get the FTP on the LeapTV by following this but it says I need to use leap pad manager.
(10-28-2014, 06:09 AM)Deak Phreak Wrote: I have not had any issues with the Ultra playing custom videos.  I don't believe the video player is the same and the Ultra should have one built in so it is not necessary to install it.  I don't remember if you can just create a video like on the LP2 and install it or if the Ultra requires something else. I do believe it is the same though.

The same thing happened with me. If you know what is going on or how to fix it, I would be grateful. Undecided
I am not sure how old this is, or if it is even the right one since my other site went away already that had a lot of software on it. Anyway give it a shot. https://spiffyhacks.com/uploads/LeapPad-...public.zip

Also try running the manager as administrator. Right click on it and choose run as administrator. I never had a LeapTV so I can't help you much with it.

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