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Leap Pad Manager
It seems spiffydirectory domain has expired?
Yes, I could no longer provide funds for it. I may look into moving the file elsewhere, but I am needing to shut down some sites to save money.
Hi Deak Phreak,

I, too, would love to get a copy of the LeapPad Manager download/binaries.

Let me know if it's something you'll find a place to host online, if not, would you be willing to send it via e-mail?
Thanks again, looks like very impressive work.
Can you upload it to MEGA please?
Where can I download LeapPad Manager, please?
For those who are interested in connecting to their LeapPad but can't find LeapPad Manager (like me!), I would suggest to use this:

I successfully connected to my LeapPad 1 Explorer (latest firmware) from an Ubuntu system (live distro are OK). This app is old so a bit of investigation was necessary and I found that you have to modify this file to let it point to your mounted device: https://github.com/jrspruitt/OpenLFConne...rage.rules

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