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Custom Games..
Thanks I think the Folder level archiving was my issue. Sadly i returned both of the tabs today. Instead I decided to get 2 x Asus Memo Pad HD 7.

I just opened the first one and it's a D.O.A Sad The screen is dead/flickers with dead pixels everywhere...Then I read that they have to be charged for 8 hrs on first use. So I thought maybe that's the reason..so out of curiosity I opened the 2nd box and turned it on with no problem.

Now I gotta head back to the store again..*SIGH*
Take it from a person who owned that exact product, and 4 other Asus touchscreen problems:

Failure rate and issues with Asus touchscreens is greater than 85% according to all calculations by Transformersforum - which is 100% the largest grouping of touchscreen PC users you'll find.

ACER support is SO HORRIBLE. I have all their contact emails, names, and addresses of the places you'll need to contact them Smile

Hell - if you want, I will send you the 22 boxes they returned to me each time I had to send a device in for repair :|

Let me know, and good luck trying to be happy with 'em Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
yeah I'm looking at the Nabi 2 now...if it has google play. I'm okay with it.
Ive got the Ainol Novo 7 Crystal II tablets for me and my wife which work well and come pre-rooted. My kids play on the tablet sometimes, DS sometimes, but we mostly let them play with the Leap Pads since they have more educational games and not just for fun. They are enjoying playing the apps and learning too so its a win win. They are addicted to the LeapPad Ultra's and definitely their tablet of choice.
I also have an Android tablet my little one uses alongside the LeapPad 2. I have a child friendly launcher on it called Kidoz when she goes on it. http://kidoz.net or Google Play Store.
It restricts app and internet access. Default settings are excellent but customisation and fine tuning is also great. For example I prevent her from Candy Crush but give her web access to Disney Jr website.

I also found out by pure accident that Good Play app purchases can be returned for a full refund within 15 minutes of the purchase time. If you buy a game but don't think its suitable for their age range, for example, simply send it back for a hassle free refund.
All of my games are here:

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