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Struggling to Connect
I've down loaded LFConnect but am struggling to connect. I've read the help and have run the program as administrator but I can't get LFConnect to connect. Any help much appreciated.
Are you trying to connect to a LeapPad 1, 2 or Ultra? Does it simply say it can't connect?
Rather than run in Admin, I disabled UAC:


Also note the connection process...
Connect Pad via USB
Close Official LeapPad software
Open LFConnect

Worked for me, but I haven't been able to do anything with videos.... yet!
Yea, people have had issues connecting and dragging / dropping apps to it, but mine never had any problems with either. I did disable my UAC on my computer so I bet that is why I don't have those issues. I may have to look at the code and see if I can do something different to avoid that solution.

What do you mean by you haven't been able to do anything with videos... you don't have time or it's not working?
I've got Windoze 8 and can't get LeapPad Manager to connect at all. Run as Admin, disable UAC, i get nothing but "Can't connect to device!" I'm figuring that LeapPad Manager = lfconnect.exe?
For windows you'll need to do 2 things:

1) Make sure you go into firewall settings and 'allow an application' - point toward "LeapPad Manager.exe"

2) KILL the following with task manager: "Monitor.exe" and "LeapFrog Connect Device Service"

Windows 8 is simply a pain in the ass - and as long as you have Leapfrog Connect installed and able to connect to your LeapPad, then there is no reason Deak's program won't work (unless you're in development mode) Wink Smile Big Grin
Thank you for your help.

I agree that it's a PITA. I went further than suggested - I disabled the firewall and killed monitor.exe and the LFCDS.
UAC is set to "Never"
Unplug LeapPad2 from PC; plug LeapPad2 into PC.
Run LeapPad Manager as Administrator.
LeapPad / Connect .... "Can't connect to device!"
after about 60 seconds the pad tosses up a "Download and Install LeapFrog Connect for your LeapPad2 Explorer" screen.

Just for good measure I went into Windoze firewall and allowed LeapFrog to work anyway...still no go.
That is quite strange. Can you connect using the official LeapFrog connect software?
Yes, indeedy.
I do have a spare hard drive I was playing around with and have windows 8 on it. Maybe if I get a chance today then I can throw that in and see if I can get mine to connect.

I know sometimes if there becomes an issue with the device then it needs a full reboot before connecting again. Also if it is in developer mode, it wont connect as fargoadvice mentioned. You can easily check if it is in developer mode by accessing the parent menu by pressing home and volume up I believe... or volume down. If it shows debug options then you are in dev mode.

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