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Custom videos being removed
If you put on some custom videos and they get removed, it is most likely due to connection to a PC or WIFI. You may be able to stop the WIFI from removing them if you block certain urls in your router. This has not been tested, but here are some possible urls to block:

Hi.... I'm Amaze that leapPad ultra can have a customize video... but when i connect to wi-fi and restart the device my video is disappeared.. do you know any other method to hold the video besides block the router? or how can I help u to search the way?
Not without firmware customization or something like that. Blocking the URL on the router is the easiest way.
(07-06-2014, 12:34 PM)Deak Phreak Wrote: Not without firmware customization or something like that.

Oooo, that sounds good! Anyone done anything with that?!
We have not really played around with the LeapPad firmware, but there are some people that have. I don't have enough knowledge of how to dump it and modify it though. You can find things like bootup images and change those easily. I have not tested to see if you can simply edit files and have them stay that way or if you have to dump the firmware, then modify and flash back for them to stay changed.

I have found all the places where things are stored and a few config files etc. I can pull the parent pin from the device in case you forget Smile When you connect the LeapPad Manager, it shows you the serial number of the device, parent pin etc. I also found this XML file that I believe is a pre-set list of default apps. I am not sure if adding to this XML will allow custom apps to stay on the device even when connected or not.

There are a lot of things that can be played around with, I just don't have the time to :/ although I'd really love to. I am trying to fix up a bunch of LeapPads to try and get sold and that takes up most of my free time. http://crochetbyallie.com/leappad/ Wink
Deak, lemme know the location of the FML file in question re: apps on the device (by PM if you prefer) and when I get the chance I'll try it if I can suss it out.
I can't remember the location ha ha ha. Tried to find it once before and couldn't. It was in the LF folder for sure then maybe Bulk \ Data or something. You could shell into the device and do a grep on .xml Smile
Woow... I can't block site from my router... Sad it's possible if install youtube on leappad ultra? lol... I'm so desperate with this leappad...
Change the host file (/etc/hosts) to redirect urls to Just like leaptv XD deak you could possibly add this as a feature to your manager
Good point. I will look into that. Did you do it on your LeapTV? Can you post your hosts file and I will check it out.

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